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Immersion trips to Spain and hosting opportunities.

Top Talk Spain LLC provides safe, quality immersion programs in Spain for middle school and high school students from the US, who would like an authentic, safe hands-on program. Our sister firm, Top Talk English Travel SL is based in Castro-Urdiales, Spain. Co-founders Alice Jones (BA University of Michigan, BA UNED, BA) and Marian Matabuena  (University of Deusto, BS Bilbao, Spain) teamed up in 2013 to deliver safe, quality immersion programs to their clients in Spain and the US.


Top Talk Spain LLC is incorpated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia in Fairfax County. The mission of Top Talk Spain is to provide safe, hands-on language immersion experiences for Spanish and US teens. To effectuate its mission, Top Talk Spain complies with all laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through, Top Talk conducts background checks on all host families. Through its policies and procedures, Top Talk Spain ensures that teachers only promote trips outside of classroom hours and with interested families during PTA meetings. Moreover, Top Talk Spain conducts information sessions in the fiscal quarter before the start of every trip.

Our Spanish office

More about us…

Our company is based in Castro-Urdiales (Spain), just 15 minutes outside Bilbao, home of the famous Guggenheim museum and 45 minutes from Gernika, which depicts Picasso’s famous painting of the same name. We have been working with US host families since 2013, and we can provide families with plenty of referrals who know us and have dealt with us personally.
Alice, a Mclean Virginia native, is the owner of Top Talk English Academy, an English language academy that specializes in teaching English to young children and teens in the town of Castro-Urdiales. The school has been in operation since 2014 and has approximately 250 students and a small staff of teachers and administrative personnel.

For students from Spain
Top Talk organizes English immersion group trips to northern Virginia and separate individual trips to locations throughout the US to places such as: Chicago, Michigan, Utah and North Carolina for Spanish teens.

Alice Jones + Marian Matabuena


Trip to Spain with TOP TALK 

Our American students will be travelling to Spain on July 10 – July 20. Alice will chaperone the group during the flight and for the entire duration of the trip in Spain. The students stay with families that Alice knows personally and during the week Alice will take them sightseeing, hiking and sailing – weather permitting smooth sailing! Last year we had an especially successful trip to Spain with a group from McLean, Virginia. We took the group to a wildlife park, to visit architectural works by the world renowned architect, Antonio Gaudi, to Bilbao, kayaking and also to Barcelona (for an additional fee). The trip was so popular, that many of the girls have decided to return for another year. Again, referrals from the McLean area are available.

 Immersion trip to Spain ( July 10 – July 20) 2020 

Trip description

Students practice Spanish through total immersion in carefully chosen Spanish families.

  • 9 day trip for ages 12 – 18
  • Price : $2,920 includes airfare, unaccompanied minor services on return flight.
  • Students will be matched with the same sex and age in the Bilbao area.
  • Full insurance.
  • Three excursions during the week.
  • Barcelona is additional.
  • Homestay, full board.
  • Transport to and from airport.
  • Alice on hand 24 hours for emergencies.
  • Alice Jones, who is personally acquainted with all the host families, will chaperone the students on excursions.
  • Beautiful beach resort with medieval and Roman ruins.
  • Round trip airfare and full travel and health insurance is included.
  • Chaperones provided on outbound trip and unaccompanied minor airline service on the return.

Why you can entrust your student to Top Talk

  • We have 5 years experience with our Exchange program.
  • We carefully select each and every host family, who are trusted members of the community.
  • Alice Jones, McLean native and resident of Spain, will be on hand every step of the way to ensure a safe, educational experience.

Host Families

 For American families interested in hosting Spanish teens in Virginia.

The dates for hosting in northern Virginia are from June 19 to July 10, 2020.

  • Stipend $1200 to families who are expected to spend time with the student
  • Alice will be traveling on the flight from Spain with the Spanish students and she will be on hand personally in Great Falls, Virginia for the entire stay. During the three weeks that the program lasts, the students will spend time with the host family and participate in their typical day-to-day activities. If host child is doing a reasonably priced camp, student can do camp as well. 
  • Top Talk pays a stipend of $1200 to families who are expected to spend time with the student.
  • Max. of 2 hosts sharing a student.
  • There are two field trips: 1 Smithsonian Museums and Hamlet, 1 Great Falls Park and Hamlet.

For American families living outside Virginia interested in hosting.

We have been sending carefully selected students to various locations around the US for years. Most stays are for 4 weeks and take place during July. Students´ parents sign a waiver and students have full health and travel insurance. The students´ natural families purchase plane tickets to airports that are conveniently located for families, who are expected to pick up the students from the airport. The main responsibility of host families is to include the student in normal family life and practice English with them. Many students go sightseeing or shopping with their host families and some practice sports or enjoy the great outdoors. We offer a stipend to accepted host families.

 For students and adults from the U.S.

American teens wishing to improve their Spanish can join our language immersion group trip to northern Spain every summer. There, they will be hosted by trusted families whom Alice knows personally.


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